What's it all about?

What are Bug Hotels?


Bug Hotels are often used by insects as nesting sites and they provide an environment for offspring to be reared. Gardeners often remove the natural debris that insects live in, so bug hotels provide the natural habitat that modern gardens may not always provide.


Our bug hotels provide a safe environment for breeding by mimicking their natural environment, and also serve as an attractive garden feature.


Insects are important in their role as pollinators, which is essential for most flowering plants and food crops. Many insects are also important predators of many garden pests, and play a key role in the recycling and usage of waste materials which keeps soil healthy. For example, earwigs are useful  near fruit trees as they eat the plant lice that may nest on the tree and disturb fruit growth.


Inspiration for Bug Hotels

Be inspired by Bug Hotels seen in RHS Show Gardens.

Firstly, Professor Nigel Dunnett's Chelsea Flower Show Gardens, T'he 'Future Nature' Garden in 2009, The Royal Bank of Canada New Wild Garden in 2012 and The Royal Bank of Canada Blue Water Roof Garden in 2013. All of which incorporate different invertabrate habitats.


Also Wade and Nicol Landscapes  Gold Medal winning 'Up-cycle' Garden at the 2013 RHS Cardiff Flower Show. Which involved inventive and stylish use of invertabrate habitats in the structure of the garden.